[Homeroast] Aricha roasting

Fox kyshie at gmail.com
Thu Jun 26 18:54:28 CDT 2014

> I'm on a HotTop B- and I'm trying a new "profile" where I slowly move thru
> drying phase and then crank up the heat until just before 1C - then ease
> off heat / add fan so I finish about 45-60sec after 1C finished. I stay
> away from 2C- not usually my taste preference.
> I use sight, sound, smell, and the display temp on the unit. Perhaps a
> BT/ET setup would help me but I'm still looking for the theory.

You've described my roasting process and equipment almost exactly, and my
results are generally phenomenal.  (I spend most of my time on DP
ethiopians)  I basically play with it within the realm of "what seems

I'd rather have a bigger machine and more control... but given the control
that I have available to me, I'm very pleased by my results... especially
with the "Berries and spice" Aricha.  With this coffee in particular, I
stretch the drying, ramp the temperature up as much as I can to 1C, then
coast.  My best results have been with a much shorter time between start of
first crack and eject than with most other coffees ... but I had the same
experience with a DP Sidamo Guji a few years back, and that's mostly the
profile I use.


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