[Homeroast] Aricha roasting

miKe mcKoffee mckona at comcast.net
Thu Jun 26 13:12:40 CDT 2014

Just roasted another Aricha batch (post roast 6lb). 14:28 total time, 2:23
start of 1st to EOR. One key with my USRC profile is reducing flame from
100% to 55% about 1:30 BEFORE anticipated start of 1st. I can replicate the
profile easily with my split wired dual variable boosted voltage controlled
Rosto. How you control your particular roaster will vary, but learn to
control it you must IF you want to really be able to control your roast.

IMO a popcorn popper modified for independent variable heat and fan control
plus simple bimetal thermometer bean mass monitoring is a far Superior
roasting platform than all off the shelf home roasting appliances with a few
exceptions (like Quest M3).

It's easy to turn beans brown, it's a Lifetime Journey learning to make
beans sing. Without tools that can be controlled pretty much stuck with
turning beans brown. Absolutely agree the person's skill using a given
appliance makes a huge difference, yet the possible potential can also be
hugely limited by a limiting appliance regardless the person.

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