[Homeroast] Strawberry jam on buttered cinnamon toast or

Martin Maney maney at two14.net
Thu Jun 26 01:25:30 CDT 2014

On Wed, Jun 25, 2014 at 06:20:02PM -0400, Seth Grandeau wrote:
> I just did my first Roast of the Aricha and first crack seemed to go on for
> a long time.  I'm using the Behmor, Profile A, 1 lb setting with 325 gr of
> greens.  Usually 1st seems to be settling down 60 to 90 seconds after it
> starts and I'll hit cool in that range.  This went on for 120 seconds, when
> I finally bailed out.  I wasn't sure if i was having 1st run into 2nd.  It
> looked like a FC for FC+ roast, which was darker than I intended.  I had my

My first try was 224g on ½ P3 A with 2:00 kickstart, but I'll be trying
P1 next roast as Aricha seems to need more heat.  For me, first crack
started later than expected by about a minute; like you, I found it
went on and on and...  well, it's good, with some hints at much more
potential, but not what I was hoping for.  I'm still not sure if there
were a few really eager snaps mixed in with the sparse pops of laggard
first crack at the end.  Could be, 16% weight loss was higher than I'd
have asked for.

90 seconds, yeah.  Or maybe a bit less, given the difference in batch

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