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Interesting, haven't seen that discussion. Haven't spent much time on HB
lately. (got bored with it frankly but I'll be back:-) 

Call it experience or call it luck. Maybe a combination of both, especially
considering my definition of "luck": when preparedness and opportunity meet.

Nailed Aricha first roast, and full size production roast at that. I didn't
do any sample roast profile development small batches with Aricha like I do
with unknown first time beans, simply slightly tweaked the Ethiopia DP
profile I've been using and tweaking for over 6 years with the USRC -
raising the charge temp 10f for new crop higher moisture content. (One of
these days I'll spring the big bucks for a greens moisture tester...) Ran
the adjusted auto-run profile and landed within 4 seconds of target and it's
freakin' killer. Staff agrees, boat loads of customers agree...not a hint of
funkiness or sour around 100lb roasted so far.

But then I've never approached coffee roasting haphazardly. Within 6 months
of starting my roasting Journey way over a decade ago had my Caffe' Rosto
split wired for dual independent boosted variable heater and fan control
combined with bean mass temp' monitoring. Could do any roast from a 5 minute
French to 30 minute ubber light Cinnamon (did both back to back shortly
after modding Rosto just to really get the feel for roast control) I took
copious notes, plotted profiles, tested them, plotted 6 different profiles
same total time same finish temp and roasted same bean all 6. Amazing wait
you can learn varying different stages of a roast, being a student of the
bean. Which I'll be until the day I die. I wasn't the only one. Once upon a
time things such as this were routinely frequently discussed on the List, in
addition to how posting should be done of course! ;-)

Yes it was indeed luck. I've been preparing for Aricha for a decade and a
half. Tom sourced this opportunity that is Aricha. Preparedness and
opportunity met and Aricha sings dynamically and sweetly.

It's easy to turn beans brown, it's a lifetime Journey learning to make
beans sing.

Slave to the Bean miKe mcKoffee
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Ultimately the quest for Koffee Nirvana is a solitary path. To know I must
first not know. And in knowing know I know not. Each Personal enlightenment
found exploring the many divergent foot steps of Those who have gone before.

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On the home barista site,  there was some discussion of funkiness with this
bean. From what I gathered, which isn't much, the roasting profile played a
big part.

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