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Good G*D man Aricha blasphemy to start of 2nd! (In my world 2nd blasphemy most beans eclipsing varietal character) I said buttered cinnamon toast not burnt toast! And I'm not some ubber light everything must be light extremist like a few well known prominent roasters I shall not same. 

I'm bean mass temp at drop about 20f BEFORE earliest outlier 2nd... And truthfully I will never exactly know how much before 2nd with Aricha because even though I'll be roasting over half a ton of it NONE of it will ever come remotely close to 2nd.

Keep it LIGHT with a good minimum 2:30 start of 1st to EOR and see whachaget.

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​<grin> yes, but you see, you'd trimmed off the earlier post, and I didn't see it!  I took my first batch on the aricha to the start of second crack, gave more musty dried fruit flavors (quite pronounced, I even startled my wife with it as a cappuccino when she was expecting a PNG Sigri).  Less intense after a few days' rest.  I'll try the next batch lighter in pursuit of those strawberries and pineapples....  Maybe try it as a cold-brew this weekend.  Anybody done that?

I'm enjoying the organic uganda at the moment....

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