[Homeroast] Aricha roasting

Brian Kamnetz bkamnetz at gmail.com
Wed Jun 25 14:51:55 CDT 2014

I wonder if placing the roasted beans immediately in a glass jar with a
cover, and/or the relatively high ambient heat and humidity, might have
played a role. I seem to recall that, years ago, someone on the list did
some experimenting and recommended not covering the beans at all.


On Wed, Jun 25, 2014 at 2:38 PM, sallsup <sallsup at gmail.com> wrote:

> I don't time it with that level of precision.
> Usually I'll set it to 475F and 16 minutes.  But I hang out nearby and
> start the cooling cycle when the smell is right, or if I miss that, when
> the first pops predating 2nd crack get my attention.  Roasts seldom hit 15
> minutes in length as a result.
> The bad batch was what I would consider overroasted, as it got past the
> individual precursor pops and up to about 1-per-second start of 2nd crack.
> The ambient air temp was mid-80's with heat index in mid-90+ because I
> hadn't yet turned on the A/C for the season, so the roast went faster than
> expected. "It's not Charbucks but you can see their signs in the distance"
> is my husband's favorite way of saying I took a roast a tad too dark.
> In this case, although the batch was darker than we usually do, it wasn't
> dark enough to be awful.  The taste of overroasting is quite different from
> the sour vileness that came out of this pot.
> (The next batch will be done with notes taken, since once I eliminate
> whatever bad bean might have made it into the batch, I still need to find
> the right roast).
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