[Homeroast] Aricha roasting

sallsup sallsup at gmail.com
Wed Jun 25 14:38:47 CDT 2014

I don't time it with that level of precision.

Usually I'll set it to 475F and 16 minutes.  But I hang out nearby and
start the cooling cycle when the smell is right, or if I miss that, when
the first pops predating 2nd crack get my attention.  Roasts seldom hit 15
minutes in length as a result.

The bad batch was what I would consider overroasted, as it got past the
individual precursor pops and up to about 1-per-second start of 2nd crack.
The ambient air temp was mid-80's with heat index in mid-90+ because I
hadn't yet turned on the A/C for the season, so the roast went faster than
expected. "It's not Charbucks but you can see their signs in the distance"
is my husband's favorite way of saying I took a roast a tad too dark.

In this case, although the batch was darker than we usually do, it wasn't
dark enough to be awful.  The taste of overroasting is quite different from
the sour vileness that came out of this pot.

(The next batch will be done with notes taken, since once I eliminate
whatever bad bean might have made it into the batch, I still need to find
the right roast).

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