[Homeroast] Aricha roasting

sallsup sallsup at gmail.com
Wed Jun 25 13:33:43 CDT 2014

Argh, this Aricha is driving me NUTS.  The first roast was just "nice, but
nothing outstanding".  I was expecting closer to Misty-Valley experience
given the posts here!

The last roast was a disaster.  I use a Gene Cafe, pour the roasted beans
into a wide-mouth pink mason jar, let sit 12 hours w/lid on but the band
not tightened, then tighten the band the next morning.

About 36 hours post-roast, my husband ground the beans and brewed up a
batch in the vacpot.  It was awful, with a sour flavor.  My husband said
the dry odor wasn't "right", by the time I sniffed the jar it was just dull
and different.  It's the first time we've had a pot that was truly skunked
and undrinkable.

The remainder of that roast was also bad, although not as vile as the first
pot.  Basically it was clean pot thoroughly, brew, sip, and toss.  Repeat.

I did a batch of Brazilian this morning, in the same grinder, same vacpot -
it was excellent. So cleanliness doesn't seem to be an issue.

I'm beginning to suspect maybe a bad bean or three in our bag.  I do a
cursory bean check when pouring and weighing pre-roast but could easily
have missed something.

Thank heavens I ordered 5 pounds ... plenty to practice with.  Usually with
the 2-pound bags I end up finding the sweet spot for the perfect level of
roast and rest right about the last or next-to-last batch :)


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