[Homeroast] A simple request for forum replies

Starfinder Stanley coffee at starf.org
Wed Jun 25 12:07:07 CDT 2014

Perhaps what Dave and Jon meant is that many people don't realize that
gmail includes the entire thread quote behind the little gray box with the
three dots, and have no idea that they are including the quoted text with
their reply.

It's actually pretty easy to eliminate the quoted text in gmail:  When you
click reply, before you start typing, hit the down arrow (which will
highlight the gray box ellipse that contains all the quoted text) and hit
delete.  If you prefer, you can hit control-a to select everything and hit
delete.  If you type stuff first, hit the down button twice to get past the
ellipse box and then hit delete; it should disappear.​

​If you want to see what the quoted text is, just click the grey box to
expand it.  You can delete part or all of it that way.​

If you want to get higher-level and selectively quote what you are
specifically replying to, you can enable "quote selected text" in labs,
which is found behind the gear at the upper right--- select "settings" then
choose the "labs" tab.  Scroll down to
 "quote selected text"
​and click enable.  Then when you want to reply including a quote with just
a snippet of the thread, rather than the whole thing, highlight the snippet
first and then click reply. ​

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