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Preface: I don't run the risk of being a curmudgeon, back in the day I Was
(un)officially the SM List Kurmudgeon. This topic in question is ancient
news periodically brought up over and over. Usually but not always by
someone getting daily digest rather than real time.

Prelude: Once upon a time this List was rather active. Very common to see 50
to 100 messages a day often comprising a half dozen or more different
conversation threads. The List functioning as a near real time email based

Reply: First hmmm shall I "top post" or shall I "bottom post"? (another oft
debated topic of no value to the art of science of coffee roasting)

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When I get these on the phone, I just delete without reading.

 On Jun 24, 2014 11:39 AM, "Mike Davis" <mldavis2 at sbcglobal.net> wrote:

> At the risk of being a curmudgeon, I like to make a polite request. 
> Many of us receive the homeroast mailing list in "digest" format once 
> a day or so.  I enjoy reading the comments and banter that result from 
> the various topics, suggestions and complaints, but I've nearly worn 
> out my mouse wheel scrolling down through innumerable redundant 
> replies, each of which adds to and includes the entire string of 
> previous comments in the thread.  This is a nuisance on a desktop 
> computer with a big screen but I can't imagine how time-consuming and 
> frustrating it must be for those of you on the tiny screen handheld 
> mobile devices who must be wearing a groove down the center of your 
> Gorilla glass trying to reach the next salient reply.  On occasion it 
> is helpful to include that portion of a message to which you are 
> replying if it is not a daily topic of conversation, but can we please set
e-mail readers or browsers to reply without inclusion of the entire thread?
>  The subject header should be sufficient.  Thanks, guys and gals.
> Offline now to allow my scroll wheel bearing to cool....
> Mike Davis

*** My Reply: Hilarious! "Agreed" yet posted the entire original post
message which specifically wanted only the barest pertinent parts included
in reply at most. ***

*** Now for full blown Kurmudgeon Mode ***
(If you're reading this far nobody to blame but yourself LOL! :-)
The List has always been like an email based conversation platform, much
like a chat room but in email form. Including a reference to what you're
replying to makes it possible to keep track of the various different topics
and conversations actively simultaneously being discussed. Some people show
up late for the party and including a reference to what you're saying helps
them catch up too.

Then there are those that don't attend the party but rather read about it in
the news: aka digest. THE absolutely worst cases of extraneous reply posts
I've seen over the years have been from people getting the digest form and
replying INCLUDING THE ENTIRE DIGEST. These are the posts I usually
immediately delete.
*** End Kurmudgeon Mode *** 
(But reserve the right to re-enter Kurmudgeon mode any time I feel like it.)

And I've just finished roasted 12 batches post roast 77lb of coffee, the
last 2 batches Teklu Chele'Teklu - excellent WP Yirg'. Now to weighin' &

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