[Homeroast] Roasting based on crack sounds

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Yes I agree, and I would have stayed with my Hottop if possible. However it 
broke down and it was looked at and concluded that it would be very 
expensive to repair it, so the Behmor was a cheaper alternative.
I have ended up roasting more coffee for people converted to good coffee 
than I use myself,  so the 300 g batch is nice since it gives 250 g roasted 

I have not managed to find a good cooling solution with the Behmore other 
than opening the door, so I have not overcome one of the important problems 
with this roaster.


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Claus, for years I've respected your attitude and not letting a challenge
stop you from pursuing something you wanted to do. Kudos. I am curious why
you went from a HotTop to a Behmor. Batch size? IMO the HotTop a superior
roaster as far as roasted end result.

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I am totally blind and have been roasting over 10 years, first with a
Hearthware precision, then with a Hottop and now with a Behmore.
I label the bags with coffee in braille so I know what I roast.
I have a scale with a plus minus 1 ram accuracy, and very important and old
braille notetaker with a stop watch and a simple text file where I  have a
log with the name of the coffee, amount I roast, since I use the behmore on
what program I run it. Time to first crack, when first crack ends and when
second crack starts if I roast into that, and when I end the roast.

It would be fantastic with a roaster with an iphone app so we could track
temperature and  other variables, but it is   possible to roast without this



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