[Homeroast] BBQ roasting in a paint can

Michael Schinasi ms012645 at gmail.com
Fri Jul 4 18:11:02 CDT 2014

For many years now i have used an I-roastl; IR 1 then IR-2.  But as a
result of an enormous power surge in my house the IR 2 is fried.  For the
moment went back to a popper; OK, not great.  I have no heat control.  so I
went out and bought an empty quart  paint can cleaned it out thoroughly
--it comes with an epoxy interior; after putting it on heat and scrubbing a
bit it is mostly off-- and then drilled holes so it could go on my
rotisserie.  No vent holes.  Then I used a profil which i think comes from
SM's: 340/2 min-380 3 mino/ 450 4 min.  The imprecision of the BBQ
thermostat did not seem to be a problem since the roast proceeded as it
should.  But when i was finished (just used a couple of handful of beans)
it was pretty uneven.  Does this characterize BBQ roasting?  Does it have
to do with speed of the rotiserie?  Any suggests aside from buying a

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