[Homeroast] Very odd Yirga Cheffe

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Mon Jan 27 10:08:37 CST 2014

I have a 5lb bag of this bean that I have not even opened yet. I will roast
a batch today and tell you what I experience. Thanks for the heads up!

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> Subject: [Homeroast] Very odd Yirga Cheffe
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> I?m a big fan of Yirga Cheffes. Back in May I ordered a 5# bag of the
> Dry-Process Yirga Cheffe Konga hoping to get some of that bittersweet cocoa
> flavor I like.
> This is the most challenging bean I?ve roasted. The beans come from a
> variety of farms. Large variation in the size of the beans and a lot of
> peaberries. I have to ramp up the roast and stretch it out as long as
> possible to get most of the beans roasted. I can?t multi-task as well when
> roasting this bean; gotta pay attention to it.
> Usually I?ll find a few quakers (beans picked too green so they don?t
> roast properly) in most orders. But with this order I'll pick out 2-3 dozen
> quakers, a lot more than with other roasts.
> Frank Parth

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