[Homeroast] Very odd Yirga Cheffe

Jeff Bensen jbensen-0007 at xemaps.com
Fri Jan 24 12:31:09 CST 2014

Frank -

I'm sipping a cup of the Konga right now via Clever/SwissGold with 
three days rest on it, and the cocoa powder notes are quite 
pronounced. I think I overlooked it due to the powerful spice notes 
in the cup dominating the profile.

-- Jeff Bensen

At 01:48 AM 1/24/2014, Jeff Bensen wrote:
>Frank -
>I also ordered the Konga back in May, still have some left and in 
>fact roasted some just a few days ago.
>Looking back at my roast notes I was pulling all light tan beans 
>from the early roasts (27 to 41 beans per 1/2 pound). I began to 
>wonder if I was over-cleaning these roasts so I tried munching a 
>number of the tan beans. To my surprise they did not taste 
>astringent or peanut-like, but more like a cinnamon or light city 
>roast, so I started leaving them in during my more recent roasts. I 
>still remove the true quakers such as emerald beans.
>I've enjoyed the flavor of this coffee much more with the less 
>aggressive cleaning. I don't get a ton of cocoa powder but I do get 
>some. The dominant notes for me have been the dried fruits and baking spices.
>I also do not use a profile that tries to get all the beans roasted 
>to a similar degree.
>In my Quest I seem to get my best results when I push this bean at a 
>medium pace through both the drying phase (4:40 to 4:50) and the 
>ramp to 1C, then slow the ramp a little just before 1C (which 
>happens around the 11 minute mark). I then run in the neighborhood 
>of 3:30 to 3:45 from 1C start to the drop (total roast time 14:30 to 14:45).
>My beans measured 10.5% moisture upon arrival, which is lower than 
>say a Central (my recent Colombia and Guatemala lots measured in the 
>12% range) so I keep the fan low (4.5 to 5) prior to 1C to keep from 
>scavenging too much moisture.
>This has not been my absolute favorite Yirg in recent years, but 
>with the proper treatment it is a very enjoyable cup of coffee. Note 
>that I've only brewed this coffee, since my espresso machine has 
>been in storage during our house renovations. For a day or two after 
>roasting it does well in a Moka Pot, but most of the time I use the 
>Clever with a SwissGold filter.
>I can send you a roast plot and a picture of my finished roast if 
>you think that will help you visualize what I just described.
>-- Jeff Bensen
>At 06:30 PM 1/23/2014, Frank Parth wrote:
>>I'm a big fan of Yirga Cheffes. Back in May I ordered a 5# bag of 
>>the Dry-Process Yirga Cheffe Konga hoping to get some of that 
>>bittersweet cocoa flavor I like.
>>This is the most challenging bean I've roasted. The beans come from 
>>a variety of farms. Large variation in the size of the beans and a 
>>lot of peaberries. I have to ramp up the roast and stretch it out 
>>as long as possible to get most of the beans roasted. I can't 
>>multi-task as well when roasting this bean; gotta pay attention to it.
>>Usually I'll find a few quakers (beans picked too green so they 
>>don't roast properly) in most orders. But with this order I'll pick 
>>out 2-3 dozen quakers, a lot more than with other roasts.
>>Frank Parth

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