[Homeroast] Very odd Yirga Cheffe

Jeff Bensen jbensen-0007 at xemaps.com
Fri Jan 24 00:48:53 CST 2014

Frank -

I also ordered the Konga back in May, still have some left and in 
fact roasted some just a few days ago.

Looking back at my roast notes I was pulling all light tan beans from 
the early roasts (27 to 41 beans per 1/2 pound). I began to wonder if 
I was over-cleaning these roasts so I tried munching a number of the 
tan beans. To my surprise they did not taste astringent or 
peanut-like, but more like a cinnamon or light city roast, so I 
started leaving them in during my more recent roasts. I still remove 
the true quakers such as emerald beans.

I've enjoyed the flavor of this coffee much more with the less 
aggressive cleaning. I don't get a ton of cocoa powder but I do get 
some. The dominant notes for me have been the dried fruits and baking spices.

I also do not use a profile that tries to get all the beans roasted 
to a similar degree.

In my Quest I seem to get my best results when I push this bean at a 
medium pace through both the drying phase (4:40 to 4:50) and the ramp 
to 1C, then slow the ramp a little just before 1C (which happens 
around the 11 minute mark). I then run in the neighborhood of 3:30 to 
3:45 from 1C start to the drop (total roast time 14:30 to 14:45).

My beans measured 10.5% moisture upon arrival, which is lower than 
say a Central (my recent Colombia and Guatemala lots measured in the 
12% range) so I keep the fan low (4.5 to 5) prior to 1C to keep from 
scavenging too much moisture.

This has not been my absolute favorite Yirg in recent years, but with 
the proper treatment it is a very enjoyable cup of coffee. Note that 
I've only brewed this coffee, since my espresso machine has been in 
storage during our house renovations. For a day or two after roasting 
it does well in a Moka Pot, but most of the time I use the Clever 
with a SwissGold filter.

I can send you a roast plot and a picture of my finished roast if you 
think that will help you visualize what I just described.

-- Jeff Bensen

At 06:30 PM 1/23/2014, Frank Parth wrote:
>I'm a big fan of Yirga Cheffes. Back in May I ordered a 5# bag of 
>the Dry-Process Yirga Cheffe Konga hoping to get some of that 
>bittersweet cocoa flavor I like.
>This is the most challenging bean I've roasted. The beans come from 
>a variety of farms. Large variation in the size of the beans and a 
>lot of peaberries. I have to ramp up the roast and stretch it out as 
>long as possible to get most of the beans roasted. I can't 
>multi-task as well when roasting this bean; gotta pay attention to it.
>Usually I'll find a few quakers (beans picked too green so they 
>don't roast properly) in most orders. But with this order I'll pick 
>out 2-3 dozen quakers, a lot more than with other roasts.
>Frank Parth

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