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Dhananjaya djgarcia at improbablystructuredlayers.net
Thu Jan 9 13:53:48 CST 2014

I admit I may not have as refined a palate as most in the list, but I switched from my Hottop to the Quest and don't have a problem
getting a fairly even 300gm which is my typical roast (basically one third of a two-pound bag), tasting at least as good as my
Hottop roasts.

I typically pre-heat to 170c at full amps then switch to 9 amps for 300gm, 8.5 for 1/2 lb. after loading with the fan @ 4.5. I may
do a 0 fan for 3 or 4 minutes. I roast in my kitchen with the windows closed in winter since I roast fairly light and smoke is not
normally a problem.

And it's even better than the Hottop in getting the chaff out, which is saying something. Yes, it'll take a bit to get up to speed
but I love it and its simplicity.

As always, YMMV ...


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I have been considering purchasing a Quest to further my coffee roasting obsession.  I have been using Behmor for a few years and
I'm ready to take the next step.  I was recently told by someone in the community that the Quest was not really meant for home
roasters.  They felt that it was more
for professionals who need a sample roaster.   Can anyone comment on that.
 If I did get it, are there sample roast curves out there to help someone new to a Quest.  Thanks for your help.


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