[Homeroast] Quest

Jeff Bensen jbensen-0007 at xemaps.com
Thu Jan 9 03:37:19 CST 2014

I routinely roast 225 grams (1/2 pound green) without exceeding 860 
watts. My unit lists 1050 watts as the maximum on the nameplate.

In all fairness I do live in Florida and am mostly roasting in 60 to 
80 F ambient, however others have insulated the drum with good 
success allowing lower power settings in colder climates. I ordered 
the insulating material back when I got my Quest but have not yet had 
the need to install it.

-- Jeff Bensen
    Palm Bay, FL

At 04:16 AM 1/9/2014, Gary White wrote:

>I also read that its "ideal" capacity is 120g (on the same page that 
>its max of 200g is listed).
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>I can't find the price for a new one, but did find a used one 
>selling for $900. From what I read it's max capacity is 200 grams.

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