[Homeroast] Quest

Jeff Bensen jbensen-0007 at xemaps.com
Thu Jan 9 02:16:49 CST 2014

John -

I've been a home roaster for nine years and the owner of a Quest for 
the past three. Personally I love the machine, but you need to be 
aware of some things before you decide.

It is _completely_ manual and, other than a circuit breaker, has no 
protection devices at all. You cannot walk away from it in operation.

Being completely manual was both a blessing and a temporary curse for 
me. It does allow you to create nearly any profile you desire within 
the thermal capabilities of the machine. But during my first six 
months or so I was not able to turn out a roast as good as I was 
getting on the instrumented iRoast I had used for years. It was like 
learning how to roast all over again. Once I got a feel for it, 
however, my roasts slowly improved until they became better than 
anything I had been able to achieve before. YMMV.

Depending upon if and how you decide to instrument it you may be able 
to roughly compare roast curves with others. I'd be happy to share 
any example curves I have, and can offer suggestions for 
thermocouples and associated instrumentation if you decide to go that route.

-- Jeff Bensen
    Palm Bay, FL

At 02:43 AM 1/9/2014, John Monteleone wrote:

>I have been considering purchasing a Quest to further my coffee roasting
>obsession.  I have been using Behmor for a few years and I'm ready to take
>the next step.  I was recently told by someone in the community that the
>Quest was not really meant for home roasters.  They felt that it was more
>for professionals who need a sample roaster.   Can anyone comment on that.
>  If I did get it, are there sample roast curves out there to help someone
>new to a Quest.  Thanks for your help.

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