[Homeroast] Teaching an old dog new tricks

Lynne Biziewski lynnebiz at gmail.com
Wed Jan 1 09:34:05 CST 2014

Scot, speaking of palm trees - one of my sons just left for Puerto Rico
with his gf. He called & told me it is 85 degrees there & gorgeous. Of
While here, in the Boston area, the temp has risen to a balmy 20 degrees
not counting the "feels like" factor.

And to keep this on topic, speaking of Maxwell House, I was given a
canister of that, and another brand. Was trying to figure out who *I* could
pass it on to... but (covers her face in shame) I drank them!

In my defense, I *was* recuperating from my fall, with my fractured arm and
stitches over my eye.  Yeah, the gross stitches I posted on FB, lol. But I
was also lazy & didn't feel like roasting even after, when I started
feeling better.

hoping the Saint of Homeroasters will accept my amends since I'm now
drinking Ethiopia Organic Suke Quto

> my Sammy (dog - not guy, hehe) after I finish with computer stuff & my cup
> of Burundi Kirimiro Teka (newly roasted - really needs more rest I think)
> wish for palm trees!

Mmm…palm trees. :)
> To keep this on-topic, I discovered to my horror that I am utterly out of
> coffee today and had to borrow from my nephew. And he buys Maxwell House.
> Scot “lots of creamer and stevia” Murphy
> _______________________________________________

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