[Homeroast] Teaching an old dog new tricks

Lynne Biziewski lynnebiz at gmail.com
Wed Jan 1 09:25:46 CST 2014

Wow, Kirk - kudos to you for that much ingenuity - but then again, this
list has many members who can take stuff apart & fix them. I think
creatively, but step away from anything electrical (or mechanical, for that
matter). I know my limits! (and my clumsiness is a warning) But the best
thing ever is being able to get a toy like the Maestro Plus (or being able
to upgrade eventually)... I have relatives (one particular one I'm thinking
of) who can't tell the difference between good, homeroasted coffee (or
small batch roasted purchased) and something like Maxwell House! It breaks
my heart, but when I put it in perspective with all his great qualities
(including being a totally awesome new father), well - I *guess* I'll
forgive him, ;)


On Tue, Dec 31, 2013 at 12:44 PM, Kirk Janowiak
<kirk at angelwoodcreative.com>wrote:

> Lynne,
> I co-miserate with you on the passing away of favorite products. What is it
> about Modern Innovation that always is looking to fix what is not broken?
> When my fave whirly-blade gave up, I disassembled it, sharpened up the
> blades, cleaned the motor...and it worked again! ...for a while. I went out
> to find another, but the model was gone and the replacement versions had
> "innovated" the features that made the old grinder work well right out of
> the new grinders!
> The good news for me is my wife & kids saved up and bought me a
> burr-grinder from SM the next Christmas/Birthday (combined for the sake of
> the gifting) and I quickly learned to appreciate my Maestro Plus. I've had
> it a couple years and while it is not at the level of what some of the
> list-mates here run, it does a very nice job of grinding my beans more
> consistently than the whirly-blade ever could and producing a more
> consistent, fine grind for my pseudo-espresso than I could ever get even
> when holding down the whirly-blade's button for minutes.
> If (when) this grinder goes to grinder heaven, I will be hard pressed to
> replace it (on account of income), but I think I would seriously think
> about selling some "toys" to replace it. I have already looked
> longingly at the Mazers and Rockies...anyone need a kidney for a reasonable
> price?
> Best wishes for a Happy New Year and may your grinder continue to whirl!
> Kirk
> Janomac at gmail.com

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