[Homeroast] Gene Café, some first impressions

Dave McCracken dcm at mccr.org
Fri Feb 7 08:53:09 CST 2014

I've had my Gene Cafe for over four years and it's worked very well.

I originally bought it because I liked the idea of being able to manually 
control the temperature throughout the roast cycle.  However, Gene Cafes must 
vary significantly because at max temperature I get first crack at 11-12 
minutes, and second crack at 15-16 minutes.  I'm comfortable with those 
numbers so always leave it at max temperature.

I do all my roasting in a large well ventilated building so don't need to 
worry about funneling the exhaust anywhere.  I have no problem hearing both 
first crack and second crack.

Ny Gene Cafe has lasted longer than any of my other roasters, and I'm thrilled 
with it.

Dave McCracken

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