[Homeroast] Gene Café, some first impressions

golfermd01 at comcast.net golfermd01 at comcast.net
Thu Feb 6 20:22:19 CST 2014

I used a FreshR oast as my roaster for the past 6 years. I've had to replace the mesh top a few times. Other than that it's been a dependable roaster. I can clearly hear the first cracking with no problems. I am adjusting to, and loving, my new Gene Café. So much more control over the temperatures. With the FreshRoast you get the temperature the heater puts out, period. Hearing the first cracking is not that easy with the new roaster . But I like the idea that the temperature can be reduced so a true profile can be followed. I live in a condo so having an exhaust hood is not possible. Rather than trying to work it with the stove exhaust, and setting off the smoke alarm, I rigged an exhaust tube by connecting a 4" flexible metal dryer exhaust hose to a 3" inch adaptor. The adaptor fits nicely over the exhaust port of the chaff collector. The only problem is that the chaff collector top easily pops off the bottom. With this arrangement I can direct the smoke outside without freezing myself out of my home.

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