[Homeroast] Weight vs. Volume

Larry Dorman ldorman at gmail.com
Thu Dec 11 14:56:09 CST 2014

So I've read for a long time about people weighing out a specific number of
grams of whole beans before grinding for espresso.  I had always just
eyeballed it and gone by rough volume.  However, I got a small gram scale
and started weighing primarily for the purposes of reducing waste, but also
to see if I could appreciate the difference in the cup.

I've been weighing for a couple months now and my experience has been:

1)  The proper grams changes per roast... sometimes very little (1/5 gram)
and other times by a lot (1.5 grams)

2)  Once I find the right grams for a give roast I do reduce both over and
under grinding incidents.

3)  I've had a slight improvement in the cup due to greater consistency in
how much coffee I end up with in the portafilter.

So...  I can appreciate that there has been value in weighing the beans.
However, it seems I might be able to achieve the same by actually measuring
volume instead of eyeballing it.  This could be as simple as drawing a line
in the receptacle I'm currently using when I weigh.

Any thoughts and other first-hand experiences anyone would like to share on
the matter?

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