[Homeroast] Hot/Iced coffee was Cold Vacuum Extraction

John Nanci john at chocolatealchemy.com
Tue Dec 9 16:57:51 CST 2014

I rather like it from a chemistry standpoint.  And totally understand 
the price based upon the amount of work involved.  But no, I would 
not buy it either at that price.

But I'll share something I discovered while running the rabbit warren 
of research after reading this.

I'm not a fan of cold brewed coffee at all.  Too mild.  But I do like 
iced coffee sometimes.  What I found was references to Japanese 
brewed coffee that is brewed hot but immediately chilled.  The 
concept is you need the heat to extract properly (I agree), but don't 
want it hot for any length of time or bitterness starts FAST (unknown 
by me) and aromatics are lost (testing coming up).  And by icing 
immediately, all that lovely coffee aroma you smell while brewing is 
instead captured into the coffee.

I tried it this morning in my Brazen.  1/2 filled the carafe with 
ice, topped up with water, and then poured the water portion into the 
reservoir to brew, leaving the ice behind.  Heavy dosed a little 
(25%? as research indicated) since I could not use full volume and 
the result was a gloriously aromatic and flavorful iced coffee.  And 
comparing side by side with some I had brewed earlier that got cold, 
the hot brew/immediate ice was noticeably better IMO as cold coffee.


At 08:08 AM 12/8/2014, you wrote:
>I saw it on Facebook. Seeing that the price is insane, if I want 
>cold brewed coffee, I'll stick with making a cold brew in a mason 
>jar, on my kitchen counter. With SM's homeroasted greens - then I'm 
>assured of excellent quality.
>Still, I have to admit, it's an excellent marketing idea.
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