[Homeroast] pressure kept oil in

kevin creason ckevinj at gmail.com
Mon Dec 8 15:33:58 CST 2014

I roasted the bottom of my stash Saturday-- equal amounts of Colombia Huila
El Templo de Palestina and Costa Rica Famillia Bonilla - El Llano. The
batch was a little smaller than I am used to in my RK drum by half a pound.
So, it roasted a little quicker than I expected. Or, maybe the afternoon
was a bit warmer than when I usually roast Saturday mornings.
Either way it went with a few more second snaps than I desired before I got
it cooled off. But not bad. Still just a light Full City roast. The batch
has all the flavor of the beans I like and not the flavor of the roast. So
all in all, a great batch. Totally enjoying it as usual. When the beans
were cool to touch I dumped into my tins and jars for the next week or two
(not selling or giving away any bags of coffee this time since it is the
last of my stash and I need to order ASAP). One of the jars was a clean and
sanitized salsa jar which I set aside to be my work stash jar.
The reason I am writing though is what happened this morning.
The work stash jar was the first jar filled and lidded on Saturday
afternoon and sat undisturbed except for brief transport to work this
When I was preparing to make my AeroPress cup at work this morning I went
to the new jar instead of finishing off the old batch. I like to try it
every day and see how the flavors might change.
When I removed the lid it made a huge "whoosh" of pressure releasing. It
had obviously sealed well and the beans had outgassed. I was impressed, but
I'd heard this before and didn't focus on that, it was just amusing. I sat
the lid to the side and looked at the beans and watched as a bean on top
slowly and visibly exuded oil. The oil patch appeared before my eyes and
grew after the pressure was released.
Most of the beans still are not oily, it wasn't that dark of a roast.
But I just found it very interesting that the pressure kept the oil in
until released.
How fun!

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