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John Nordling john.nordling at gmail.com
Tue Aug 26 21:27:07 CDT 2014

As a whirly pop guy who's thinking about upgrading, I've found this behmor
discussion interesting and full of great info.

" there isn't a lot the new panel offers that you can't do, somehow, with
the original model."

That's a telling statement for me. Can I ask, those of you with Behmor,
what would you like it to do that it doesn't?  Follow up: is there a home
roaster that does those things?


On Monday, August 25, 2014, Mike Davis <mldavis2 at sbcglobal.net> wrote:

> As Hank said, there isn't a lot the new panel offers that you can't do,
> somehow, with the original model.
> For those who have been tilting the roaster back an inch or so to lengthen
> the time the beans are adjacent to the heating elements, the drum speed
> control does essentially the same thing.  I used it on a 1/2# run using 1#
> P2 B settings during the initial pre-1C run up and then just prior to 1C, I
> toggled back to normal speed to extend 1C a bit.  I did notice that the
> beans carried a lot of energy going into 1C and I had an excellent, strong
> 1C run, then pressed the "C" button to add the "Rosetta stone" time to
> completion, stopping a bit short of the 3:15 the roaster added on the 1#
> setting.  Nothing that I couldn't do before, but it does give me some
> additional options for control, and the ability to monitor temperatures at
> the chamber wall and exhaust to use as benchmarks in future roasting.  The
> absolute numbers don't mean much, but if you can relate them to a "perfect
> roast" they can be used as a monitoring device allowing you to manipulate
> the heater elements more easily (instead of opening the roaster door) or
> trying to pick one of the profiles to do it for you.  You can, in effect,
> create your own profile manually, although that would take some
> experimentation.
> You can toggle from automatic (1600) mode to manual (1600-Plus) mode and
> back as often as you like.  So overall, worth the $50 to me for losing
> nothing while gaining some additional controls. I'll be eager to see how
> others use the controls to fine tune their roasts as we all become more
> familiar with the new panel.
> Mike Davis
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