[Homeroast] New Behmor Panel

Mike Davis mldavis2 at sbcglobal.net
Mon Aug 25 13:48:01 CDT 2014

As Hank said, there isn't a lot the new panel offers that you can't do, 
somehow, with the original model.

For those who have been tilting the roaster back an inch or so to 
lengthen the time the beans are adjacent to the heating elements, the 
drum speed control does essentially the same thing.  I used it on a 1/2# 
run using 1# P2 B settings during the initial pre-1C run up and then 
just prior to 1C, I toggled back to normal speed to extend 1C a bit.  I 
did notice that the beans carried a lot of energy going into 1C and I 
had an excellent, strong 1C run, then pressed the "C" button to add the 
"Rosetta stone" time to completion, stopping a bit short of the 3:15 the 
roaster added on the 1# setting.  Nothing that I couldn't do before, but 
it does give me some additional options for control, and the ability to 
monitor temperatures at the chamber wall and exhaust to use as 
benchmarks in future roasting.  The absolute numbers don't mean much, 
but if you can relate them to a "perfect roast" they can be used as a 
monitoring device allowing you to manipulate the heater elements more 
easily (instead of opening the roaster door) or trying to pick one of 
the profiles to do it for you.  You can, in effect, create your own 
profile manually, although that would take some experimentation.

You can toggle from automatic (1600) mode to manual (1600-Plus) mode and 
back as often as you like.  So overall, worth the $50 to me for losing 
nothing while gaining some additional controls. I'll be eager to see how 
others use the controls to fine tune their roasts as we all become more 
familiar with the new panel.

Mike Davis

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