[Homeroast] Behmore 1600 Plus - SR 500 - Gene Cafe

Bob Hazen peatmonster at comcast.net
Thu Aug 21 08:56:14 CDT 2014

Lazy?  You talkin' to me???  (GRIN)

I succumb to laziness on occasion.  Roasting moves from endeavor to chore.
Then, I purchase a pound from a commercial roaster and POOF.  Roasting
becomes a thrill once again.  I found I >can't< go back, no matter how hard
or often I try.  I'm ruined for life!  (in a good way)


Yeah, before I got lazy (and our smoke-sensitive f-i-law moved in with us
till he died) I was doing 3-4 12-oz. roasts per day a couple of times a
week. Sad to say I haven't roasted anything in almost three years. Finding
it easier to buy roasted espresso beans from Metropolis, Intelligentsia or
Ellipsis (Counter Culture)--all w/in a day or two of roasting.  Don't know
if my greens are even still good.  (And the family is so used to K-cups that
I have given in to expediency. I only brew pots now for a group).  I even
travel by car with a Nespresso Pixie, which while not the freshest delivers
decent crema and is much better than the sawdust pods and single-cup
drippers in hotel rooms these days. Fits in a tote bag, capsules, cups and
all; especially nice when I'm in small towns where nobody's heard of
espresso. Just got to be too much of a PITA to pack and unpack
grinder/beans/kettle/cup/ Aeropress or French press- travel mug.  And if I'm
flying, with weight and space restrictions (even if checking a suitcase),
I've downsized to small enough luggage that leaves little room for extras.
(I call ahead to find out what kind of in-room brewer the hotel
provides--some have Keurigs or low-end Nespressos, in which case I can at
least bring the K-cups or capsules).  

I do plan to roast next week, so I can bring my recording engineer downstate
some fresh beans for his Gaggia.  His town is so small that there's often
nowhere that sells brewable beans (sometimes even just pre-ground).  

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