[Homeroast] Behmor 1600-Plus

John Nanci john at chocolatealchemy.com
Tue Aug 19 13:37:15 CDT 2014

As someone who has repaired (or attempted to repair, read on) Behmor 
1600, I can't begin to tell you the number of people that think 
because they believe they should be able to walk away from the 
roaster (i.e. totally disregard the instructions and warnings), they 
do walk away.  And I get the charred remains to 'repair'.  I 
personally know Joe agonized over putting in that 75% 'deadman' 
switch in there, but you can't control fools (and yes, I'm calling 
anyone who walks away from a roaster a fool) so you have to outsmart 
them, and everyone else pays the price.

Alchemist John

At 11:14 AM 8/19/2014, you wrote:
>Behmor cautions that you can't just set the roaster and let it run 
>the cycle.  On the new 1600-Plus model, the timer will begin 
>blinking at 75% completion of the roast cycle time and you must 
>press "Start" within 30 seconds to resume the roast cycle or the 
>roaster will stop and begin cooling.  This is an added "safety 
>feature" to keep you from walking away and forgetting it that may 
>seem a bit annoying, but shouldn't be a problem for anyone if you 
>stop and think about it.  I roast a lot of 1/2# batches on a 1# P3 C 
>setting and always manually stop the roast when it reaches my 
>desired end point to prevent over-roasting.
>end snip
>Mike Davis
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