[Homeroast] Behmore 1600 Plus - SR 500 - Gene Cafe

Luigi Calamar luigi.calamar at gmail.com
Sun Aug 17 13:03:36 CDT 2014

I've been using the SR500 for the past 2 years or so.

I'm interested in upgrading for the following reasons:
1) the SR500 seems to roast a little too fast - tough to get much range in
the roast (I've lately switched to medium heat but that has created other
2) too small quantity
3) inconsistent roasts (due to different bean size, quantity is very
important, and how many roasts in a row (3rd or 4th roast is different than

So I'm waiting for the 1600 Plus - but wonder if the Gene Cafe would be the
better way to go.

What appeals to me about the Behmor is it would be more quiet with less
smoke (what I've read)

What concerns me is the ability to do darker roasts (though I rarely go
beyond FC roasts anyway)

I live in a condo and roast under my range hood - so smoke and sound are
concerns (a good roast though would take precedence)


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