[Homeroast] Response to flavor

Bob Hazen peatmonster at comcast.net
Mon Aug 18 08:47:23 CDT 2014

I'm in complete agreement, Clark.  I always taste my roasts right after
emerging from the roaster.  There can be light, volatile flavors at that
time that vanish in a few hours.  Sometimes these flavors are spectacular,
other times less so.  In any case, it's interesting to periodically taste
the same batch as it ages.  Over a week, the same roast tastes slightly
different each day.  Day 3 is usually the low point after which flavors
develop increasingly until 5-7 days have elapsed.  For me, darker roasts go
through this cycle sooner than lighter roasts.


Thanks for the insight John. That reminds me; I must say some of my most
memorable cups have been at a roastery fresh out the roaster- no rest at
all! Was it simply the excitement of the situation and the environment?
maybe. But then again, that's all part of "flavor" right?
Sight, presentation, aroma, circumstance, etc.

- Clark

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