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Clark Barclay pedestriancoffee at gmail.com
Sun Aug 17 16:21:37 CDT 2014

Thanks for the insight John. That reminds me; I must say some of my most
memorable cups have been at a roastery fresh out the roaster- no rest at
all! Was it simply the excitement of the situation and the
environment? maybe. But then again, that's all part of "flavor" right?
Sight, presentation, aroma, circumstance, etc.

- Clark

On Sunday, August 17, 2014, John M. Howison <johnmhowison at gmail.com> wrote:

> The current discussion on this list of the effect on flavor of storage
> practices raises in my mind the issue of the degree to which our
> judgments on flavor may be socially induced, rather than objective.
> After all, the notion of taste is itself subjective rather than
> objective.   Without objective reason, we may like to think that
> beings of general "refinement" are somehow likely to have refined
> tastes in coffee.  Is coffee really objectively better after a given
> period of "rest," or have we reached a social consensus that it is so?
>  Is oxygen or
> CO2 invariably good or bad?
> Let me at the outset allow that coffee objectively loses elements of
> flavor over time, becomes staler and staler until eventually it hardly
> has much recognizeable coffee flavor.
> I would point out even in high-end environments, coffee in epicurean
> France and northern Italy is often so carbonized as to have lost many
> of the flavors present at moderate roasts.  In my judgment, France is
> not the place to go for great coffee.  Some sophisticates never did
> think so, favoring Vienna, which brewed (still brews?) coffee made
> with relatively expensive beans, roasted moderately.
> And consider the Ethiopians, who were drinking coffee long before it
> got as far west as Vienna (much less Seattle).   Ethiopian
> sophisticates don't even let roasted beans get cool before brewing.
> When Sweet Maria's describes a new offering, its comments on flavors
> detectable at successive roast levels sound to me to have an element
> of objectivity.  Much of what I read about the effects of "rest"
> strikes me as  _____, -- spread it on your lawn and watch the grass
> grow greener.
> Is it enough to say store coffee when and how you like it?  After all
> we are very general agreement that time is the enemy of good coffee.
> --
> Contra muros, mater rubicolla
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