[Homeroast] storage right after roast

John Nanci john at chocolatealchemy.com
Fri Aug 15 08:00:14 CDT 2014

I would debate that.  Loose lids are not one way valves.  I gas can 
get out, other gas can get in once outgassing stops.  And even if 
that were true, that is only good until the first time you open the 
jar for coffee.

That said, I simply store mine in a ziplock bag, sealed.  I just let 
the CO2 build up and inflate the bag.  And drink the coffee within a week.

Alchemist John

At 03:55 AM 8/15/2014, you wrote:
>I store my coffee in pint mason jars with the lids on loose.  Let's 
>the CO2 escape but keeps the O2 out.
>KCSteve :->
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