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Once the roast has rested for a day or so, you want to keep exposure to oxygen as small as possible. Someone (and I’m traveling right now and don’t recall exactly who) sells a canister with an internal lid you can push down to the top of the beans to keep out as much oxygen as possible. My roasts seem to last longer when I use this instead of just a closed-lid container. 

When I get back to California I’ll look it up and give you the name.

Frank Parth

On Aug 15, 2014, at 7:12 AM, Clark Barclay <pedestriancoffee at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi Fellow Coffee Nerds,
> I just bought the West Bend Air Popper from SM, and LOVING it.
> I'm wondering if I can get your opinions on storage. I know this was
> already discussed on here, but, I have a couple more specific questions.
> I know not to seal right after roasting, but is storing in a coffee bag
> with a CO2 vent a good idea right after roasting? If so, paper or plastic?
> Does the porousness of paper help or hurt?
> Is sealing in a canister a good idea after the rest period?
> Right now, I've been storing in a coffee mug (I only roast 2 oz at a time)
> right after roasting, which is totally uncovered, and noticed the aroma
> seems to escape, after 24 hrs., I transfer it into a sealed jar, but it
> still seems to lose aroma...maybe it's just my roasting skills that needs
> sharpening...I'm still figuring this whole home roast thing out!
> Thanks,
> Clark
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