[Homeroast] Ethiopians on the way....

Martin Maney maney at two14.net
Wed Apr 30 17:35:48 CDT 2014

On Wed, Apr 30, 2014 at 09:24:50AM -0700, Byron - Sweet Maria's Coffee wrote:
> Thanks Martin. When we post new coffees, the first place they appear will
> be on the Sweet Maria's home page under "What's Happening at Sweet
> Maria's". Once that goes up, we create a blog post and then they get posted
> on social media and the Homeroast list. We do our best to make all of this
> happen within half an hour of the coffees getting posted.

And most of the time I believe they do go up quickly.  But now and

See, last summer, after yet another discussion that wondered when did
that lot appear? and/or are they coming and going more quickly lately,
really?, I hacked up a simple scraper to sample the all-offerings page
daily.  Which was why I saw three new coffees appear at the end of last
week, and came to notice that one had no summary, though the details on
the country pages and the RSS feed seemed normal.  Hmmm, or was the RSS
for the Tanzania also briefer than usual?  Perhaps that was where I
first noticed that - I don't often tap the RSS, but I've found new
additions there rather in advance of the offering list on occasion.

Anyway, the slipups are few and usually sort themselves out - I wonder
if some of the discrepencies I've come across are just due to web page
regeneration (so you can serve a static page even though it's based on
dynamic data) or something?  My scraper reports 114 distinct lots
since, uhm, I guess it was September that it started working in
record-keeping mode?  But some of those were in the system from months
earlier.  Still, it's a lot of coffee lots to keep updated!

Never did finish the bits to track turnover and average time on list or
any of that.  Maybe this summer...

Then I can figure out what the information-support needs are and
build a prototype for people to respond to.  This works, because
people generally don't know what they need, but they can tell you
with certainty when you get it wrong.  -- Paul Murphy

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