[Homeroast] Questions about roasting and the Quest

John Monteleone johnmonteleone at gmail.com
Fri Apr 25 01:52:49 CDT 2014

I've roasted eight batches with my new Quest and I had few questions.

I've been having a hard time controlling my first pre-heat.  I've been
trying to pre-heat to 220 c and I've found myself coasting right threw to
230 and 240.  Then I drop my beans and the temperature went down to 160 c.
 On another time when the preheat was lower, the temperature dropped to 130
c.  What is the impact of the starting point being so different.

 Also, if my intention is to never hit second crack, what temperatures
should I be targeting.  First crack has been happening at around 192 c.
 Some roasts have coasted up to 210 and some have hung around 200 c.  Does
any have any comments on that as well.

Thanks so much.

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