[Homeroast] An experiment to reduce "chaff" on the list

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Please take me off this list thanks, Earl  

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Subject: [Homeroast] An experiment to reduce "chaff" on the list 

I enjoy the casual nature of this exchange and the sometimes really valuable 
stuff buried in it, but on the digest (since I'm not on my computer all 
day), there is a lot of repetitious stuff between the nuggets.  I thought 
I'd run a little experiment by responding, but deleting all the content 
except for that to which I'm replying.  If that works, and my message shows 
up appropriately brief, others could also delete the excess when they reply. 

-- Paul [Behmor user since they were first available from SM's). 

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Date: Thu, 17 Apr 2014 10:56:57 -0700 
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Hello Stephen, 
Thanks for your feedback. Yes, the Homeroast list has been known to host a 
lot of chatter (coffee related and non-coffee related). Although most of 
the users have shown appreciation for the casual nature of the 
conversations here it's understandable if you or anyone else gets tired of 
sorting through the occasional email flurries. If you are looking for a 
source of more useful and focused information, Martin's suggestion of our 
forum is a good one. The forum has very informative posts from folks in the 
home roasting community separated into topics. 

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