[Homeroast] Digest delanda est!

Martin Maney maney at two14.net
Fri Apr 18 18:34:46 CDT 2014

On Fri, Apr 18, 2014 at 05:26:19PM -0500, Rich wrote:
> Don't think you can fix that. The majority of people still on this
> list get it as single messages and locally route them to a separate
> inbox/folder whatever you want to call it and read them that way.
> The digest format is clunky and not real user friendly. not sure
> what you forwarded as it looks like multiple daily digests pasted
> together.

>From a quick look, yes, I think he edited a couple messages together,
but after that it was just the accumulation of messages, many of them
top posted, with the all too common two lines of reply followed by two
hundred lines of everything that came before in the thread.  Perhaps
there's merit to the digest form at that - if everyone were forced to
wade through all that crap they might understand why their lazy,
self-centered top-posting ways were wrong.  But I gave up on that
battle about a decade ago, and I fear there's by now more than one
generation of folks who are simply clueless.

> On 04/18/2014 01:11 PM, Stephen Nagy wrote:
> >I am not computer-literate enough to know how to get rid of these and keep
> >just the posts and user ID, but do enjoy the back and forth on the list.

Stephen, I don't think there *is* a sensible way to get rid of it once
multiple messages have been smashed together into a digest.  I guess
the best way of dealing with it would be to switch to getting single
emails instead of the mash-up of the digest, and having the list mail
tossed into a separate folder.  The details of that sorting are, alas,
entirely dependent on the software at your end, whether it's Outlook
running locally (which is yuck) or gmail out in the cloud (wouldn't be
my choice, but at least Google does understand how email works) or

And don't misunderstand - we have long, rambling chats in the forum,
too, but Byron's right, too.  The division into forums does help one
skip the discussions that are simply irrelevant.  But perhaps the
biggest advantage is that there's never any top-posting there, probably
because any quoting of a previous message is an active choice, rather
than the lazy default.  :-)

If the best we can do is make technology as dangerous, non-robust,
capricious, arcane, alienating, marginal, and costly as "magic",
then we have really crappy technology.  -- goliard

Sadly, our email systems today are pretty damned magical.  -- me

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