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Lynne Biziewski lynnebiz at gmail.com
Fri Apr 18 13:02:55 CDT 2014

39 to a hundred, myself! :D And I really don't consider myself an
*old*lady.. except when I first wake up in the morning.. ouch! Oh, and
all of
this past winter... ;)

While I adore a great cuppa, I have become forgiving out of necessity. I
confess one of the ways to be so forgiving is by drowning the cup with -
gasp - cream. But I'm trying to go dairy-free, so that has to end.

I roast by popper & also stovetop, and my grinder is my old whirly blade
(btw, using the same grinder to grind up a supply of cinnamon is NOT a good
idea.. no amount of scrubbing will get that smell/taste out. Yeah, this is
the kind of thing I've been doing lately, besides dropping heavy laptops &
stuff on my foot, getting way too many cuts while preparing food for

This is what I can afford (did stovetop for years til I tried a popcorn
popper - just scored a Poppery II for $5, but haven't tried it out yet) and
I've been happy with the whirl-blade and whatever else my economy allows.
But my pain level has been through the roof this long, no-end-in-sight
winter (fibro sufferer here), and so, I have ended up just making due with
grocery store coffee many times, because - well, I find it better than any
shop near me that offers cups of coffee, and with the added pain I just
haven't cared.

Going to do some roasting again, soon, and hopefully I can get a better

And - we are expectly weather in the UPPER 60's this weekend here in the
Boston area - oh, woo-hoo. After the surprice vacation gifted to me by my
daughter & SIL in Puerto Rico last month... I want some 80 degree weather!!!

take care & keep roasting -


p.s. I did my best to trim the excess from this email - we should all do
this. However, gmail is making it more difficult now, for some reason. Took
me forever...

On Fri, Apr 18, 2014 at 12:31 PM, <Jfreednj at aol.com> wrote:

> 11 to a hundred !!!
> In a message dated 4/18/2014 10:55:54 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time,
> johnmhowison at gmail.com writes:
> You  young folks don't really appreciate good coffee.  At  eighty-nine,
> you'll find coffee a necessity, and will be more forgiving of  your
> imperfect  roasts.

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