[Homeroast] Question On Rancilio Grinder

Jack Berry jlberry at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 17 11:40:37 CDT 2014

Nothing wrong with going by the calendar.
But if the grinder is working well for espresso and the burrs aren't missing bits, why change?

I have only been using the Rocky for a few months so I haven't had to decide.
I suspect I will know when I have to change the close down on the burrs once or twice to get good espresso.
Certainly won't wait till I hear metal to metal.

Does that make sense?

> From: Carol Lugg <heislord at elpasotel.net>
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>Subject: [Homeroast] Question On Rancilio Grinder
>Good morning. I have a Rancilio grinder, and am wondering how you know
>when you should put new blades on. I have had it for approx. 7 years. I
>have changed the blades once in this time. I grind approximately 2 oz.
>of coffee per day, maybe a little more, depending on the day. I clean it
>on a pretty regular basis. As I was taking it a part to clean yesterday,
>I was looking at the blades, not knowing how I would know if it was
>really time to replace them, so I thought I would ask to see if any of
>you have an answer to my question.
>Carol Lugg
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