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Bill Kendall pleiades45 at gmail.com
Tue Apr 15 23:01:24 CDT 2014

Great and needful discussion!

FIrst of all, I 'm up for trying Bonnie's technique described earlier.

Secondly, I roast decafs weekly for my wife who can't handle caffeine in
it's original form, but loves her coffee. I have the 1600 and am closing in
on Roast #400, having been gifted the Behmor some 20+ months ago.

I agree that decafs are dicey/touchy/rather inconsistent. However, I've
really endeavored to take consistent notes and actually get my wife's
critical critique with what she's drinking. Good, bad, indifferent - I want
to know.

The following has been my experience:

1. Centrals and South Americans have gotten way more 'thumbs up" than
Africans and Ethiopians.

2. I roast 350-375 grams at the1# setting on P1/A, having added the extra
2:30 minutes at the start of the roast; this has been my general guide.
Sometimes I realize it's too hot a profile (when 1C starts with 7 or 6
minutes left),  but "generally" this has been the successful profile for me.

3. *LET IT REST!* Since we drive together to work, a coffee I've roasted
two days earlier will get a high five a week later. She'll ask, "What
coffee is this today?" Telling her it was the coffee I roasted 7-10 days -
and that she drank on
Day 3 -  almost always comes as a pleasant surprise.

4. FInally, I roast to FC or FC+ to the very start of 2C.on most of my
decaf beans. This is simply a preference on her part. The fruity Ethiopians
I've roasted to City or City+ is not what she enjoys...describes it as too

That's what I've got. Love to hear what others have to offer also.

Hope this helps...Bill K.

On Tue, Apr 15, 2014 at 10:20 AM, Forrest Danson <dansonf at centurylink.net>wrote:

> I am roasting decaf beans in a Behmor 1600 roaster.  I usually roast 3/4
> pound at a time.  I have tried several of the roasting profiles and stop
> the roasts just after the end of 1C.   So far I am not very pleased with
> the results as often the beans are over roasted and seem to lose the
> varietal flavors.
> So my question is: can anyone recommend a roasting method for the Behmor
> that results in a "perfectly" roasted decaf?  (The last one I tried was and
> Ethiopian bean)
> I don't seem to have any trouble getting good results with non-decaf so
> obviously I am missing some essential bit of knowledge.  I would very much
> appreciate any advice.
> Cheers,
> Forrest
> Prescott Valley AZ
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