[Homeroast] Roasting decaf beans

Forrest Danson dansonf at centurylink.net
Tue Apr 15 12:20:31 CDT 2014

I am roasting decaf beans in a Behmor 1600 roaster.  I usually roast 3/4 pound at a time.  I have tried several of the roasting profiles and stop the roasts just after the end of 1C.   So far I am not very pleased with the results as often the beans are over roasted and seem to lose the varietal flavors.
So my question is: can anyone recommend a roasting method for the Behmor that results in a "perfectly" roasted decaf?  (The last one I tried was and Ethiopian bean)
I don't seem to have any trouble getting good results with non-decaf so obviously I am missing some essential bit of knowledge.  I would very much appreciate any advice.
Prescott Valley AZ

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