[Homeroast] Quest

Jeff Bensen jbensen-0007 at xemaps.com
Sat Apr 12 20:54:58 CDT 2014

John -

Frank Parth's roasting outline that he posted yesterday is a good 
starting point for your first roast. You can experiment from there to 
find what suits your preferences.

As far as instrumentation, I used the machine with it's stock analog 
thermometer for several months but personally found it a little too 
obtuse. I'm the type of person who processes information visually and 
the single analog dial provided too little input for me.

I eventually added two thermocouples, one in the outer shell where 
the heaters are (the "Environment Temperature" probe) and one where 
the stock dial thermometer was (the "Bean Temperature" probe). I 
connected these to a hand-held thermocouple meter with a serial 
interface, then hooked that interface to my laptop and I run the 
Artisan temperature graphing software. The process is still entirely 
manual, but I am now able to visualize the roast as it progresses.

You might want to use the stock analog thermometer to begin with to 
see if that is sufficient for you. Then if needed you can spend the 
additional funds to instrument it.

I hope this helps.

-- Jeff

At 04:10 AM 4/11/2014, John Monteleone wrote:
>Hi there
>I've taken the plunge.  I purchased a Quest today and will pick it up
>tomorrow.  I would love any advice on my first roasts.  Also, would you
>recommend any additional instruments for the machine like a thermocouple.

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