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John Monteleone johnmonteleone at gmail.com
Fri Apr 11 03:10:08 CDT 2014

Hi there

I've taken the plunge.  I purchased a Quest today and will pick it up
tomorrow.  I would love any advice on my first roasts.  Also, would you
recommend any additional instruments for the machine like a thermocouple.


On Thu, Jan 9, 2014 at 12:16 AM, Jeff Bensen <jbensen-0007 at xemaps.com>wrote:

> John -
> I've been a home roaster for nine years and the owner of a Quest for the
> past three. Personally I love the machine, but you need to be aware of some
> things before you decide.
> It is _completely_ manual and, other than a circuit breaker, has no
> protection devices at all. You cannot walk away from it in operation.
> Being completely manual was both a blessing and a temporary curse for me.
> It does allow you to create nearly any profile you desire within the
> thermal capabilities of the machine. But during my first six months or so I
> was not able to turn out a roast as good as I was getting on the
> instrumented iRoast I had used for years. It was like learning how to roast
> all over again. Once I got a feel for it, however, my roasts slowly
> improved until they became better than anything I had been able to achieve
> before. YMMV.
> Depending upon if and how you decide to instrument it you may be able to
> roughly compare roast curves with others. I'd be happy to share any example
> curves I have, and can offer suggestions for thermocouples and associated
> instrumentation if you decide to go that route.
> -- Jeff Bensen
>    Palm Bay, FL
> At 02:43 AM 1/9/2014, John Monteleone wrote:
>  I have been considering purchasing a Quest to further my coffee roasting
>> obsession.  I have been using Behmor for a few years and I'm ready to take
>> the next step.  I was recently told by someone in the community that the
>> Quest was not really meant for home roasters.  They felt that it was more
>> for professionals who need a sample roaster.   Can anyone comment on that.
>>  If I did get it, are there sample roast curves out there to help someone
>> new to a Quest.  Thanks for your help.
>> John
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