[Homeroast] Stupid Noob question - when does first crack start?

Bill Kendall pleiades45 at gmail.com
Tue Apr 1 15:35:17 CDT 2014

I've owned the 1600 almost two years and am approaching Roast #400 on the
little unit. (I've kept detailed notes from Day 1. I need to get a new
squirrel cage, too as the welds are slowly coming apart. Too much heat!)

Your approach is much the same as mine. I've found that each new bean has a
whole new start to 1stC. Centrals and SA beans seem to start around Minute
4 to 3.  I'm usually using P1/A and adding the 2:30 minutes to the roast,
with amounts averaging 350-400gr. I've experimented with the P3 & P4
settings, but the people I roast for love what comes out of P1. It's the
hottest profile and without a thermometer it's worked the most
consistently. I would agree with your assessment in defining 1stC as "...2
or 3 pops within about 5 secs and ignoring the random early pops."

FYI - I blew out one of the exhaust fans and the guys at Behmor sent me one
for gratis - they're great to work with!

Hope that helps...Bill

On Fri, Mar 28, 2014 at 5:19 AM, Ryschkewitsch, Mike (HQ-KA000) <
mgrysch at verizon.net> wrote:

> I am using a Behmor 1600 and usually roasting batches of around 350g using
> the 1 lb setting, mostly using profiles P2 or P3 and without the ABCD
> programs.   I am not sure After reading some posts in the forum I decided
> to try some Central and South American on P2, C with a 90 sec pre-heat to
> slow the heating rate during first crack and modify the flavor profiles.
>  This usually means starting the cool cycle with 1-4 minutes left and
> before the roaster has returned to the highest heat setting.  My most tasty
> roasts have been those not quite reaching second crack or with just a few
> seconds of second crack but that makes it imperative to consistently time
> from the start of first crack.  For consistency and using the Behmor
> Rosetta, I have been defining the start of first crack as the first time a
> get cracks close together, 2 or 3 pops within about 5 secs and ignoring the
> random early pops.  This worked well on the hotter profiles with only a 10
> second or so gap between the two and proceeding into the very rapid portion
> of first crack.  On the cooler profiles,  the progression can be very slow,
> making it hear to use this as  benchmark.  The results have been good but a
> little less consistent than I and hoped.
> Any advice out there for how to get better consistency?
> Mike
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