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Wed Apr 2 15:56:43 CDT 2014

There is a little Cooperative in Monteverde/Santa Elena.
Monteverde Puntarenas
Tel: (506) 645-5006

They have a little shop in Monteverde called Café Monteverde. I "think" it
is on the same side of town as the dairy, but that is a dim memory. The
small shop sells coffee and accessories and has a few treats you can sit
and eat. The folks there were quite nice when I visited, although no one
spoke English and I knew only a few words of politeness in Spanish.
Monteverde is a beautiful and wonderful little town. Cool history. Friendly
& hospitable people - many who will go out of their way to help you if you
show but a little interest in them or a little courtesy.

The coffee I purchased at the café was, sadly, stale on the shelf. They did
offer both a Claro (light) and Oscuro (dark) roast of whatever blend of
local beans they had roasted for sale. The Claro was much better. Overall,
the coffee wasn't tongue tingling, but since Monteverde isn't all that high
in altitude, and the Cooperative apparently takes in coffee from a number
of farms of varying consistency and quality, I am not surprised. They did
offer visits to a local farm when I was there, but my schedule did not
allow it.  I do not know if they still do this or if you might need to call
ahead to arrange a tour. It seems to me that they demonstrate roasting in a
smallish drum roaster a couple times each week in a shed week behind
the café.

You will love Monteverde if you slow down the pace. Don't run through the
Cloud Forest Preserve as many tourists do. Take your time and you will see
a great deal more.  Quetzals, for instance, require patience and immobility
(as well as good eyes) before you'll see them.  The tiny dart frogs pop up
around the buttressed roots of trees, below where most of us look while we
are walking. Stop every now and then and stand still for 5 minutes or more.
THEN you'll begin to see the sloths and agoutis, hear the Howlers, parrots,
Bell birds, and manakins, and begin to feel the cloudforest.

I envy you right now!


On Sat, Mar 29, 2014 at 8:15 PM, Brian Noriega <bknoriega at yahoo.com> wrote:

> I'll be taking a trip to Costa Rica in May. Does anyone know of a good
> coffee farm which gives tours? I'll be in Monteverdi and Arenal. I know
> there are several farms that advertise tours but I wonder if any are better
> than the others.
> Thanks,
> Brian
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