[Homeroast] OT - Composting Greens

Jorel webmaster at j3r.org
Mon Oct 28 13:18:28 CDT 2013

On 13-10-28 12:55 PM, Jason Brooks wrote:
> Hey all - a bit of an off-topic query.  I know about composting roasted
> beans, but wondering about unroasted.  I have a bag of decaf that's
> probably past its prime - one more roast to make sure.
> If it's truly off, would it be feasible to compost them?  I know their
> seeds and they will break down, but I'm not sure how effectively around 4#
> would go.
> Anyone composted baggy greens before?
> Thanks,
> Jason

If you could crush them I bet they would compost ok, however, maybe you 
could use them in a different way. I see possiblities as a foundation 
for a dried floral arrangement, line the bottom of a glass vase with 
them instead of pebbles, would look cool. As a bed for tea candles? As a 
flavour for scented candles 
Donate them to a preschool for use in art projects? Also, they would be 
decent ammo for a slingshot :)

Just some fun alternatives.


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