[Homeroast] Mr. Chemex: The Eccentric Inventor Who Reimagined the Perfect Cup of Coffee

Jamie Dolan jamiedolan at gmail.com
Sun Oct 6 10:11:29 CDT 2013

A friend shared this article with me on Facebook,  I thought you would find
it interesting.

A quote from the article:

" The Chemex comeback occurred just as mainstream coffee drinkers were
growing accustomed to the unique flavor profiles of different coffees and
preparation methods, thanks to giants like Starbucks. Many began to realize
that familiar brewing processes cause specific problems: Methods like the
French press use metal filters, which allow insolubles to leak into the
coffee, while other devices underheat the water or percolate the coffee for
too long.

Senesac first saw a Chemex at a friend’s house about a decade ago, and
something instantly clicked. In contrast to the mysterious black-box method
of most coffee machines, the simplicity and transparency of the
hand-powered Chemex came as a total relief. “I hadn’t ever seen that method
of brewing coffee before,” he says. “It was so easy, it made so much



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