[Homeroast] Hmm. No new Hottop?

Steve Hamm steve.hamm at gmail.com
Sat Oct 5 18:20:09 CDT 2013

I've been following the rumors about the new Hottop, hoping that it will be
in my price range. (From various sources, no way. But I continue to wait
and hope.)

Today I went to the Hottop site and found that all mention of the new
roaster has disappeared. Earlier they had a photo on their front page and
had been restating (delaying) the production date by two months at a shot
for awhile. Googling around, the only mention I can now find is from a
freelance photographer/graphic artist, whom I assume did a marketing sheet
featuring the new roaster (like he did for earlier models). This guy's
"sneak peek" page was up before SCAA in April, so nothing new there...

So, anyone know if Hottop has given up?

If they're finally worried about rumors of the new roaster killing sales of
existing models, it's a little late for that. The rumors about this machine
(and wrong production dates) have been out there since 2011.

If this weren't about coffee, I'd just laugh it off and move on.


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