[Homeroast] DIY coffee liqueur request

Justin Schwarz houstini at comcast.net
Fri Nov 8 18:00:47 CST 2013

I made some a few years back, I was making quite a bit so what I edned up doing was filled 1/2 gallon widemouth mason jar 2/3 full of sugar and brewed aeropress concentrate into the jar until it was full, I think it took something like 16 pressings. shook to dissolve the sugar and mixed the coffee syrup in equal parts with vodka.  Traditional kahlua is 20% or so IIRC so equal parts coffee syrup and vodka makes it pretty easy. Bottled it up with a vanilla bean in each bottle and gave for christmas presents.  I had some made with cold brew that a friend made last year and didn't care for it very much, I dont like cold brew though.

I made some with a cinnamon stick added, you MUST remove that after a week at the most or it will be undrinkable.


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